Whispering Bean Coffee Roasters

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A micro-roaster located in Albuquerque New Mexico. We are driven by the passion to experience fresh roasted specialty coffee. Our coffee is produced using only specialty grade coffee that is responsibly sourced – most notably from coffee traders that establish relationships directly with the farmers. Fair trade and organic single origins are also pursued as we source coffee from various regions across planet. Each batch is roasted with particular attention to the unique characteristics of the bean while ensuring consistency in the profile of each roast. Several different single origin coffees are available at any time and typically span the roasting range from City to Full City + (i.e. light to dark roast).   

Our coffee shop is located at 10701 Corrales Road and provides the opportunity for people to gather and be part of the local community.  A full line of espresso based drinks, manual pour-over, frozen drinks, cold brew and nitro brew make for a wide variety of coffee drinks. An assortment of coffee tools is also available for sale at the shop. We strive to support local small businesses whenever possible. Stop by for a cup.

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