Villa Myriam

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From our farm, to your cup, Villa Myriam Coffee is not just a business, it is a family! Even the name holds great significance. It is taken from Joaquin Esteban's farm, owners Juan and David Certain's grandfather. Located in the hills in Piendamo, Colombia, the farm is named after Joaquin's daughter, Myriam, who died at a young age. Family is the core of who we are and why we love what we do. When you see the name "Villa Myriam" printed on the bag of coffee, it is not just the company name, it is a pledge- a promise to you that inside of every single bag, the coffee beans have been meticulously cared for by the family, from the time they were a tiny seed to now.

We reject deforestation of our coffee fields by allowing the bushes to grow and prosper in their natural, shade-grown environment. Those who work at the farm are treated like family and most have been their for decades. They have commitment because Villa Myriam not only contributes to their livelihood, providing them living wages, but also contributing to broader socio-economic responsibilities in their communities. These very important things factor into the Rainforest Alliance Certification; which is why we get every one of our beans certified.

When we say "farm to cup," we don't simply know the farm, we are the farm. This idea is central to who we are, and the key to understanding the pride we take in preparing and serving the absolute best cup of speciality coffee.
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