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Prosum is Latin and means to be useful, do good, or benefit. After years of working in the corporate environment, Cindy Moffitt, a long time home roaster had the opportunity to go on a green coffee buying trip after reconnecting with and old friend who had been working in the coffee industry for many years. Cindy learned how many hands coffee has to go through on its journey to your cup, and how the industry can take advantage of so many of them. She realized that by working directly with farmers and communities producing coffee, there is the possibility to be useful, to do good, to benefit. Prosum was created based on these ideals. Many of our coffees are certified Organic, Fair-trade, or by the Rainforest Alliance, but by developing relationships directly with the producers allows us to take responsibility for the coffee we buy rather than relying on a complex certification process which, by visiting certified farms, we have learned, do not always deliver what they promise. We roast small batches and provide custom blends for many cafes and restaurants around New Mexico. We provide classes and workshops open to the public about everything in the industry ranging from roasting to latte art. 10% of our profits go directly back to the farmers and communities with whom we work.

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